Sunday, July 10, 2011

MadArt Homes Install: Sneak peek at some of the other works

Please keep in mind, all these works are still very much in progress!  Come see the show - July 16th, 4-7pm and July 17-Aug 7th, 12-7pm daily.  Details online here.  715-725 Bellevue Ave East.

Luke Haynes:

Allyce Wood:  

 Troy Gua (inside view of porch):

 Laura Ward in Planning mode (Meg Hartwig's work in progress in the tree on the right):


Jason Puccinelli working on the piece he is making with Elizabeth Potter:

And then we have this:

I'm also very excited to see Allen Packard's creation and what Julia Haack and Amanda Manitach are up to ...not to mention watching all the other complex impressive installations come together, this show kicks ass!

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