Friday, September 10, 2010

MOLORAZZI at BLITZ - September Edition

Last night I joined Joey Veltkamp and Troy Gua as judges for the City Arts Art Walk Awards on a whirlwind tour of all the art we could find on Capitol Hill.  It was a blast!  Joey recapped the night very nicely on his blog, Best of, here - check it out. Despite being seriously involved judging art, I was able to snap some MOLORAZZI shots!

Here ya go:

Joey and Troy!
Artist Kimberly Trowbridge and Todd Jannausch (Gallery 40 Owner) setting up Kimberely's show

Curater Amanda Manitach

Jason Hirata shinning a lazer on himself
this one is for Erin Shafkind

We swung by Canoe Social Club - they had drawing from their figure drawing sessions on display

A detail of one of City Arts Art Walk Award Winner Andy Reynold's photos

 Cait Willis and Joey, and some petite works!  At Ghost Gallery

Hard core musicians Brian Cervino and Jess Rees
 Kimberely's lovely installation.

Bond and Lauren

Artists Robert Hardgrave, Troy Gua, and Kimberely Trowbridge

Macho Man Randy Savage, as painted by Justin Kane Elder
Justin next to his painting "Dick"

Penetration time!

Oh it's going to be that kind of night, is it?

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Amanda said...

Nice work....and great shot of the snazzy gams!