Friday, September 3, 2010


Here's a bunch of photos I managed to snap in my quick tour of shows on Thursday.  Enjoy!

Artist Randy Wood inspecting Nola Avienne's work

Artists Gretchen Bennett and Margie Livingston are only kind of okay with having their photo taken by the Molorazzi.  But that's what the MOLORAZZI does!  Makes ya uncomfortable! 

 Jennifer Zwick's Self-Portrait as an Effing Cheetah  She rocks!

More Zwick images.  Preggers belly. 

Painting by Maija Fiebig at G. Gibson Gallery

Saya Moriyasu

Saya's work needs to be appreciated in person

Tim Bavington's show at Greg Kucera was oddly underwhelming in person.  They seem to look better in reproduction.  Strange.  Maybe the Kenneth Noland/Morris Louis references hang to heavy. 

Lynn Yamamoto I enjoyed much more (also at Kucera)

Scott Lawrimore (on the right) outside of his new project space at 117 Main

Isaac Layman's project and Catalogs above.

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