Friday, September 24, 2010

Pigs and pics

Molorazzi was out, briefly, for the opening of Photo Alchemy at Vermillion and Amanda Manitach's This Little Pig Went to Market.  I very much enjoyed those gold flecked pig heads, and the photo show in Vermillion, featuring strong works by Erin Shafkind, Dan Hawkins, Ted Grudowski, Daniel Carrillo, Larry Larson, and Bailey Russell.  I didn't get too many pics, but here's a few Molorazzi shots -

 We have a bar!  And great art. 
 one of Erin Shafkind's lazer-cut photos.  Very lovely. 
 Photography Dan Hawkins and Artist Troy Gua next to Dan's shot of an abandoned uranium mine in WA. 
 Detail of Amanda Manitach's piece This Little Pig Went To Market

Gallery 40 is always full of surprises!   I would have loved to see this piece in the snow, to really tie in to the photo...

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