Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vito's Grand Opening this Thursday

Follow up to my blog post back in April....

I'm sure you all have heard by now, but Jeff Scott and Greg Lundgren are finished with the Vito's remodel and the grand opening is this Thursday, September 16th!

I was lucky to be able to sneak in yesterday for a quick little soft test run of the place and it looks GREAT!  The bar is lovely, and bar manager Justin has hired a great crew.  Jeff and Greg were on hand to say hello.  The whole staff looked excited and rearing to go.  Chef Bruno (formally from Tango Tapas) has put together what looks like a great meal; I tried the Calamari appetizer which was enjoyable.  I'm excited to head back and have a proper meal, plus with things on the lounge menu like a Philly Cheese steak sandwich and pulled-pork sliders along with all the more traditional Italian style fare, well it just all looks really tasty. 

The mural that Warren Dykeman's 35' mural gives Vito's a hipness but does not take away from the classy lounge feel of the place.  The grand piano is shiny and just looking for some sexy lady to be laying across it...check out the website for all the scheduled acts!.  .I suspect a giant brandy glass show up on it soon.  The whole place just seems to be coming together perfectly!  Plus the men's room still has ice in the urinals. 

Props to Jeff, Greg, Justin and Bruno for pulling it all together, it was fun to watch this project take shape over the last few months.  There is finally another restaurant on First Hill other than the Sorrento Hotel, and this one still has that lovely mural in the bathroom!

(sorry no photos)

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Vermillion said...

Nice review! Sorry I missed it but happy that you captured it for future intrigue. It kinda reminds me of what a great Little Italy place in NY would be like crossed with the old Cloud Room above the Camlin.